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Tips for Being a Successful Recruiter

"Being a successful recruiter requires a lot of experience in multiple areas. While you may not be speaking face to face with a client or a candidate, it’s very important to learn how to smile through the phone and understand that the other person on the line can really tell whether you sound interested in speaking with them or not. While you may want to keep the conversation short and concise, it is important to be actively listening, which is the most beneficial skill that you can learn as a recruiter. This will help you build lasting relationships with your clients and candidates and will make them more comfortable to be honest with you. Something else that a recruiter should be aware of is cultural awareness. Not having a sense of this may cause you to misjudge someone and could cause a misunderstanding of their intentions. While proper communication is key to being an effective recruiter, it’s just as important to be well organized and be cognizant of others' schedules as well. Always try to understand how someone’s schedule works within their work/life balance and arrange a time that works best for you both."

- Anna Kendall | Project Manager at Emissary

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