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Founded in 2004, Emissary is veteran-owned and operated, AEC-specific candidate delivery firm with locations in San Francisco, Chicago, El Paso, Fayetteville, and Washington D.C. We leverage over 25 years of professional recruiting experience and a resume of 950+ recruitment projects across the United States and internationally.


4 core principles guide everything we do...


We know that time is of the essence and that every search must match our clients' sense of urgency.

Clock describing speed


Speed is good, but it's our candidate accuracy that builds trust and credibility with our clients.



Every engagement is built upon our values, not upon our personal gain. Our actions live up to our words.



Our commitment to every client  is that our performance on your behalf will always exceed our cost.

a bag of money to describe our good value

Are you looking for expert AEC recruitment services to hire positions of any level in your firm? Emissary is ready to deliver results with speed, accuracy, integrity, and value. Contact us today and experience the Emissary difference.


Our Clients

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