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The Top 5 Benefits Sought by Candidates and Employees

In a 2023 employee benefits survey released by the Society for Human Resources Management, the top 5 benefits sought by candidates and employees were/are as follows (in this order):


1. Healthcare Related

2. Retirement Related

3. Work/Life Balance, PTO & Leave

4. Professional Development

5. Catastrophic Benefits (i.e., life/disability)


Look closely at those statistics and you’ll see a clear trend. Candidates and employees aren’t looking for gimmicky benefits like “bring your pet to work day”, they’re looking for security (i.e.a sense of physical and financial security through reasonable healthcare, good retirement, and good insurance), fulfillment/purpose (i.e. a meaningful and positive trajectory for their career), and wellness (they want better overall balance and better quality of life).  


Long runway benefits attract long runway candidates. Put your resources in the right places to  get and keep talent more effectively.

Jeremy Clarke | Founder of Emissary Recruiting Solutions

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