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Recruiting: The Business of People

On paper, recruiting seems simple – it involves identifying, sourcing, screening, and interviewing ideal candidates for a specific role. However, another crucial aspect of recruiting worth highlighting is the art of connection. Recruiters serve as the bridge linking the right candidates with clients, so establishing trust with both parties is key. Networking and engagement are integral parts of the recruiting process, turning recruiters into lighthouses within their respective verticals. Some candidates actively seek better opportunities while others turn them down; regardless, recruiters hold the key that often unlocks significant advancements in their careers. Making a positive impact in someone’s life is a rewarding experience, and recruiters witness this firsthand. While recruiting is a business, our ultimate interest is in providing a service to others. Remembering that we are in the business of helping people is what it’s all about!

Jennifer Valenzuela | Recruiting Specialist at Emissary

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