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Job Postings: Less is More

You know what’s interesting? Present day job descriptions remain virtually unchanged from the job descriptions used 30 years ago. Then, as now, they resemble a lengthy and complicated thesaurus explosion. It's as if organizations have believed that the more complex and cryptic the job description, the more prestigious the position.


Your firm’s art of crafting job descriptions is a crucial step in attracting top talent and in effectively promoting your brand. A job description is a sales pitch, and in our current labor environment you’ve got about 10-seconds for your pitch. That’s it. Use the time wisely with a simple but savvy (3/4 page max!) narrative that aptly accomplishes four critical objectives:

1. Attracting (Grab their attention)

2. Enticing (Tell them why they should work for you)

3. Informing (Tell them succinctly and clearly what they’ll actually do in the role and what they need to have to even be considered)

4. Directing (Tell them how/where to apply)


The call for radical simplicity in job descriptions is a call for compelling authenticity, a recognition that the heart of a role can often be captured in a few well-chosen words.

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