We've helped numerous firms add top talent to their teams.  

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Our innovative Scalable Solution the best value in the industry. Period.  Out goal is to give you an effective and affordable experience.

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Our 4 Core Principles.

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​​​​​​We are mindful of the immense privilege to be entrusted as agents of your reputation, and we pledge to safeguard it as though it were our own.  

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​​​​​​​What Makes Emissary Different, Better? 

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"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"

We believe success comes as a result of the pressure we exert upon ourself to get the job done.

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Every engagement is built upon our values, not upon our personal gain.  Our actions live up to our words.

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Our commitment is that our performance on your behalf will always exceed our cost. 


"We believe in total transparency, and want you to see the full value of our partnership..."

We carefully measure and report our performance weekly. We believe in total transparency, and want you to see the full value of our partnership.


Emissary Recruiting Solutions has earned a national reputation as a premier AEC recruiting service provider by keeping our central mission clear and non-negotiable: We are devoted to helping our clients build the best teams in the world. My team and I want you to know that we pursue every engagement with this core mission in mind. Each recruiting project is treated uniquely and carries an insatiable focus on speed, accuracy, integrity, and value as your entrusted ambassadors in the marketplace.


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Our focus with all our client partnerships is long-term; we want to be leveraged as a valued, ongoing partner in your campaign to win talent. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate why we are appropriately known as 'Emissary'. 


Speed is good but it's our candidate accuracy that builds trust and credibility with our clients.

​​​We are meticulous in delivering top candidates that match your requirements. We'll never throw piles of marginal resumes at you.  


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​"In 10 years of corporate recruiting management, and numerous engagements with outside recruitment firms, my experience with Emissary was far and away the most successful and the most professional."     

                                                                     - Andrew Jurewicz , Recruiting Manager, WSP

​​​We believe in partnerships where clients and consultants alike have abundant opportunity

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