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Why & When?

​Our Total RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Solution can be an effective solution for firms anticipating the need to fill multiple openings (usually 4 or more) in short order, but having only limited in-house recruitment staff.  An RPO arrangement allows our experts to operate as your personal “corporate recruiting team” handling as many positions as you like. We've found this creates greater collaboration and continuity in the selection process, while also providing more choices to your hiring managers and improving our clients' compliance efforts.

Usual RPO Fee Arrangements:
An RPO arrangement usually spans 6 months to 1 calendar-year and eliminates the large fees associated with individual placements by replacing them with a significantly smaller, though consistent, flat monthly fee paid over the course of the contract life..


Why & When?

​Our Executive Search Solution is an excellent solution in cases where a firm has a pressing need for executive-level talent whose abilities are integral to overall organizational success.  Our Executive Search Solution is designed to dedicate our specialists exclusively to a client’s project while being careful to set target dates for specified deliverables. We know how to work confidentially, targeting only “passive” candidates and screening every candidate for technical understanding, interpersonal style, leadership attributes, and compensation history.  All this is done in order to ensure the greatest potential for relevance, culture fit and positive organizational impact. 


Why & When?

Our Enterprise Recruiting Solution is an excellent solution for something other than an Executive-level search or a broad RPO campaign. When our clients need just one or two mid-to-senior level positions filled, a full retained search may not be necessary. However, firms still want the high-touch experience of a retained search.  To meet this need Emissary offers our clients a progressive “retingent” recruiting solution that can be applied to broader, enterprise-wide openings. Simply put, a retingent arrangement is a hybrid retained + contingent recruiting solution that allows our clients to receive the high-quality and thorough approach of a retained search, with some of the fee flexibility of a contingency arrangement. 

​Usual Enterprise Recruiting Fee Arrangements: 
Under a typical "retingent" arrangement, half or more of the total fee for the search is delayed until AFTER Emissary successfully fills the position(s). Our clients, on the other hand, pay only a portion of the total fee at the commencement of the search which is affordably diffused across 2 installments.  In this way, our clients receive all the benefits of a retained search but with a much more friendly fee arrangement.

​Usual Executive Search Fee Arrangements:
Our fees for Executive Search are usually quite LOWER than the industry standard of 30% of first-year compensation.  In fact, our fees are not calculated as a % of compensation at all.  Our fee is always fixed at the beginning of every search and never changes, making it simple to understand. Further, fees are liberally scheduled across 3 or more installments in order to make our fees affordable and easy to manage.


Why & When?

Emissary is a team of recruiting experts who leverage domestic and int'l 
expertise spanning AEC, Retail, CPG, IT, Telecommunications, Energy, Logistics, Financial, Aerospace, and Manufacturing industries.  We have experience developing some of the most forward-thinking recruiting concepts being used in many of America’s largest companies today, to include: employment branding strategies, recruiting measurement/metrics architecture, selection process mapping, passive-candidate acquisition strategies, employee Referral programs, relocation programs design and and strategic recruiter training programs.

Usual Recruiting Consulting Fee Arrangements:
Recruiting Consulting fees vary with each project, based upon size and complexity.  Typically our fees are priced by project and are not calculated by hourly rate estimations at all.